Working Group on Social Science for ICZM

Mission and objectives

Our mission is to increase the presence of social science issues in decision-making for coastal management, using-policy orientated research to generate and propose innovative approaches for ICZM.

What we bring to the current research and policy agenda is experience in using social science learning to explore how interdisciplinary research for ICZM might be improved.

The Working Group is comprised of a range of disciplinary scientists (including geographers, sociologists, economists and political scientists) who collaborate to explore interdisciplinary research within four broad and interrelated themes:

  1. Modelling social issues for improved ICZM
  2. Social learning for science and policy integration
  3. Innovative governance processes
  4. Understanding, engaging with and facilitating change in core values and worldviews

Main strategies

Our approach involves four main strategies:

  1. Contribute towards theoretical advances in managing complex coastal systems.
  2. Supporting rigorous testing of theory through a range of means.
  3. Develop guidelines and principles that will enable others to include social aspects in coastal zone management, and provide a communication space between science, society and policy.
  4. Share the common produced knowledge within an open access approach.

We support this working approach through a series of activities, working together on:

  1. Sharing information
  2. Publications
  3. Proposals for funding research projects and networking activities
  4. Special sessions at international conferences and other meetings
  5. Outreach in terms of professional training and education
  6. Facilitating the integration between ICZM communities through an open dialogue.

We are interested in working with other scientists engaged in interdisciplinary research and would like to collaborate with other social scientists and natural scientists working in this field. We also welcome collaboration with coastal practitioners.


Please contact both: