Mobilising Knowledge

Mobilising knowledge in a systems approach to integrated coastal management: some lessons which we have learned
One of the fundamental principles of the SAF is the integration of the ecological, economic and social components of the system.  The work presented here reviews the integration of social components within the SAF process, from both a modelling and broader context. The paper mainly focuses on scientific (theoretical) perspectives about the potential, and methods, for complex modelling processes to be included into a modelling approach as well as broader lessons on the constraints and opportunities for interdisciplinary working.  There is some reflection of practical issues such as social data availability, its inclusion into models and the composition of research teams, but mainly focuses on the broader emerging lessons from the SPICOSA project.  Reviewing this material will provide SAF users with a better understanding of the limitations from the SPICOSA iteration and learning from these experiences should increase the potential for the better integration of social components within the SAF.

Link to the journal paper to be up soon.

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