Hindsight is Wonderful

Cross-Cutting lessons:  Hindsight is wonderful:  simple lessons for increasing science and policy integration
The context of science and policy integration is itself a social world which is continuously changing and a policy-world that is in reality an experiment. This work presents the cross-cutting lessons from a number of social assessments undertaken of the SPICOSA implementation of the SAF.  These include an investigation of social learning, a review of the integration of social components into the SAF, feedback from SSAs about their engagement and SAF implementation and a review of how SPICOSA has contributed to ICZM.  The strength of examining these assessments in parallel was to identify those common elements across each of the surveys and provide a degree of confirmation of the lessons and a reinforcement of the key findings of these separate pieces of research.   The paper presents broader messages encapsulating the range of issues that the SPICOSA community believed had acted to constrain or facilitate the success of integrating disciplines and science and policy within the project.

Link to conference proceedings paper to be up soon.

Social Learning
Mobilising Knowledge

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