Additional Resources

This section contains useful additional resources for your SAF application.
You will find information about the handbook’s reference project, SPICOSA, its 18 Study Site Applications (SSA) and a number of the deliverable documents of the project that go into greater depth than the material presented on this website and which report on the initial applications of the SAF in SPICOSA’s 18 Study Sites:
SPICOSA Project Reports

You will furthermore find information about the editorial team and all credited authors and institutions:
About us

Within SPICOSA, a variety of educational material has been produced and can also be found here:
Education Material

For modeling, archiving and open source access to the knowledge generated in the SPICOSA project, data portals have been created and are still being filled with information:
Data Portals

The glossary produced for this handbook is made available in three different formats (hovering over with your mouse, alphabetical glossary list and fully referenced pdf version):

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