Data Portals

The SPICOSA project has produced several useful data portals which build the core for information exchange between all users. Major benefits of the SPICOSA data portal are be direct access to data from the distributed networked database and easy browser-based search and retrieval possibilities. It is intended to stimulate networking at all levels: between researchers by giving access to and exchanging their data as well as between data centers and organizations by connecting their data repositories using international standards for metadata schemata and data exchange protocols.

The following portals, libraries and tools are available. They can be visited in a separate tab that opens upon mouse click on the respective link:

The Data Portal is the integral communication entrance point for the SPICOSA ICZM Information Management. From this portal all applications, documents and links to data centres are available.

The actual portal provides access to the following programs/applications and data sources supporting ICZM information management:

The overall data portal and its individual portals are open to ICZM relevant data providers if they use standard interfaces and protocols. Therefore the actual portal has a temporary layout. It is a matter of future user requirements and the possible incorporation of other data centers. Because the final version depends not only on the usability but also on the changing content, the portal layout will be of continuous development.

The web portal is based on panFMP ( ) generic and flexible framework for building geoscientific metadata portals independent of content standards for metadata and protocols. Data providers can be harvested with commonly used protocols (e.g., OAI) and metadata standards like Dublin CoreDIF, or ISO 19115.

This portal is supported by panFMP and hosted at MARUM (Bremen, Germany). For questions and further information please contact Dr. Hans-Joachim Wallrabe-Adams.