Output Step

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One of the main aims of the Systems Approach Framework is to establish a permanent and effective dialogue between science, policy and stakeholders in your coastal zone by using different tools and forms of communication.

In the Output Step the scientific results that have been received out of the Appraisal Step will be presented to the stakeholder audience who had initially defined the policy issue.
In the Output Step you will now conduct a Stakeholder Forum to present the results that have been produced in the prior steps. These findings will have to be presented and explained to the stakeholder and policy clientele with the objective of then entering a deliberation process.

A major importance in the Output Step is on the translation from scientific language used in the Formulation and Appraisal Step to target group oriented language. This implies the explanation of the findings in an understandable way for non-modeller and/or lay clientele; referring to the different policy options and the ecological, social and economical impacts of the modelled scenarios.