Get ready for presentation

Subtask Description:
Prepare your mind/prepare for engagement.

Action points of the implementation:

  1. Reflect on the process so far by going back to the prior steps
    1. Brainstorm within the team:
      1. What has been learned?
      2. What are the key points that have been core?
    2. Go back to the tools used in the design step
      1. Pick those adequate for your presentation
  2. Identify your stakeholder audience
    1. Map their interests
  3. Now specify: what needs to be presented?
  4. Keep in mind some general rules and principles of effective science policy practices
    1. Make a list which ones are to be considered in particular on your site

Venice Lagoon, Italy

Policy Issue:
Sustainable management of the clam Tapes philippinarum.

Human Activities:
Industrial and urban activities, maritime transport, tourism, agriculture, clam fishing.

General Information:
One of the most important economic activities in the lagoon is fishing of clams, accounting for 60% of national production. The actual sustainability of the sector is at the moment uncertain: over-fishing, ‘fishing down the food-web’, sediment re-suspension, damage to benthos and habitat destructions are some of the recurrent problems. These days the fishery activity is allowed only within restricted lagoon areas the management of which is given to fishermen cooperatives in order to preserve their productivity by encouraging the fishermen to take care of the water basins assigned to them. Still, there are social problems related to the competition for the seed from natural nurseries, and the competition for the more productive water basins. The main stakeholder concerns are connected to social conflicts, the profitability risks, the quality of the product and the environmental status of the system.

Example of Implementation:
The approach of the Venice Lagoon team to contact the audience for the meeting it has been equal to all stakeholders. Firstly, the target stakeholders were  reached by a letter of presentation. The letter  explained the project of SAF implementation in general, its purpose, CORILA and its team role in the project and the reason the team decided to have a meeting with them. The letter was  written in Italian, it was no longer than one page, in order not to discourage the addressee to read it and to be interested in the subject. In the letter of presentation and invitation, a project leaflet, translated to Italian was  attached (Figures 1 & 2).

Figure 1: SPICOSA leaflet made by SSA 7.15 Venice Lagoon -inside.

Figure 2: SPICOSA leaflet made by SSA 7.15 Venice Lagoon -outside.

Contact: Simona Dalla Riva,