Preliminary Study of the Coastal Zone

Make a preliminary list or map of human activities (HAs) and associated stakeholder groups.

Action points of the implementation

The purpose of human activities and stakeholder mapping is to clarify the complex particulars of any given coastal zone. Stakeholder mapping allows for common understanding of who the current and future stakeholders are in a given coastal zone area and facilitates the identification of the interconnections and relationships between them. Major key points of this process are:

Himmerfjärden, Sweden.

Policy Issue:
Eutrophication status and reduction.

Human Activities:
Urban sewage discharge, agriculture and industrial activity, tourism.

General information:
Nutrient loading has caused increased turbidity, loss of biodiversity, including submerged aquatic vegetation, deep water oxygen deficiency, phytoplankton blooms and biodiversity loss. The main stakeholder concerns are connected to tourism, recreational activities and nature enjoyment, and the sustainable implementation of WFD that poses economic challenges for several activities in the area.

Example of Implementation:
Himmerfjärden list of Human Activities and stakeholder groups.

Government bodies having coastal zone issues within their mandate

1.1 Local, regional, national.

  • Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Swedish Maritime Administration
  • o Södertälje Sluss (sea lock)

  • Swedish Water Protection Authority
  • County Boards (Stockholm and Södermanland counties)
  • Local Municipalities

  • 1.2 EU and EU proxies

    1.3 Land use planning agencies, urban planners
  • Stockholm County Council the office of Region Planning and Urban Transportation
  • 1.4 Waste treatment agencies
  • SYVAB –Sewage Treatment Plant of Himmerfjärden
  • SRV
  • 1.5 Others as your group sees fit

    Economic sectors/activities

    2.1.  Natural resource based economic sectors
    2.1.1. Fisheries, aquaculture
    2.1.2. Mining
    2.1.3. Wind farm
    2.1.4.Agriculture, forestry

    LRF – Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund  (The Federation of Swedish Farmers)

    • LRF Region Mälardalen
      • Local departments
    • LRF Region Södermanland
      • Local departments
    • Great domains/ land owners
      • Family Bonde at Hörningsholm Estate
    • Anthroposophic community in Järna
    • Biodynamic products companies
    • Greppa Näringen – advisory agency for farmers
    • Other great land owners
      • Stockholm Municipality owns great areas in the municipalities of Botkyrka and Nynäshamn, but are about to sell them out.

    2.2. Coastal industries related to the natural resource sector.
    2.2.1. Fish processor, shipbuilder, harbour managers.

    2.3. Tourism sector
    2.3.1. Tour organizer, tourism related professional associations, managers of tourist attractions, marine heritage related tourism activities.

    • Tourism traffic
      • Saga Lejon, tourist tours between Stockholm-Nyköping
      • Flora, tourist tours between Nynäshamn-Trosa
      • Tourist tour around the island Mörkö
    • Hotel, conference/health  resorts, restaurants
      • Skansholmen
      • Engsholms slott
      • Oaxen
      • Tullgarns värdshus
    • Tourism office
      • In Södertälje
      • In Sörmland
    • Tourism, other
      • Revudden camping
      • Hölö kajak (canoes activities)
      • Fishery guides
      • Boat tours
      • Södertälje amateur fishery club

    2.4. Transportation sector
    2.4.1. Shipping, shipbuilding, pier manager-operator, local mass transit authorities

    • Södertälje Harbour
    • Shipping companies

    2.5. Others as your group sees fit.

    Civil society.

    3.1 Environmental NGO’s, other NGO (heritage, leisure), age-based association

    • Himmerfjärdens Naturvårdsförening (Himmerfjärden Nature Conservation Society)
    • Naturskyddsföreningen (Swedish Society for Nature Conservation)
      • County association  in Stockholm county
        • Municipality spheres
          • Nynäshamn
          • Botkyrka
          • Södertälje
      • County association in Södermanland county
        • Municipality spheres
    • Orniphological societies
      • The Orniphological Society of Nynäshamn
    • Boat clubs
      • Grödinge
      • Rangsta
    • Kagghamra summer house area
    • The Archipelago Foundation
    • SIKO - another archipelago association
    • Sportfiskarna Stockholm – Sport fishery association in Stockholm
    • Svealands Kustvattenförbund – Svealands coastal water association
    • Mälarens Vattenvårdsförbund – Lake Mälaren water protection association
    • Sveriges Fiskvattenägares förbund – (association for owners of fishery waters)
    3.2 Others as your group sees fit.

    The example presented here, is generically applicable and provides an effective guide through initial stakeholder mapping or listing. The process is very important, as it provides a first insight at the stakeholder engagement process. The more detailed the stakeholder targets are recorded the easier it is to identify the interconnections between them and also make a rough estimation of their stakes and concerns.

    Ragnar Elmgren: