Acquire existing information on the major (relevant) HA’s.

Subtask Description:
Acquire existing information on the major (relevant) HA’s.

Action points of the implementation:
Identify methods for:

Søndeled fjord, Norway.

Policy Issue:
Sustainable development of fishing based tourism.

Human Activities:
Tourism, boating, urban activity.

General Information:
Touristic activities in the area encompass general recreation and tourism, development of cottages with access to sea, fishing tourism, environmental tourism and development of the local aquarium. This is translated into development of new beaches and harbors, examples of activities that can harm habitats, biodiversity, recruitment of marine organisms and annual yield in local fisheries. The characteristics of the recreational use of the coastal zone area make the pressure highly seasonal. The main stakeholder concerns are connected to the impacts of the recreational fishing and of the touristic development in the state of the system.

Example of Implementation:
Data on expenditure in tourism sector in Risør will be ordered from the Norwegian national bureau of statistics, likewise for data on hotel accommodation. Business profitability in tourism related industries does not vary linearly with tourist expenditure, and should thus also be investigated. The impact of tourism and recreation activities on the coastal cod population, directly through fishing and indirectly from habitat-degrading activities, will be assessed by biological data, but also by harvest levels and harvest values from commercial and tourism/recreational fisheries. Habitat degrading activities (construction of marinas, beaches and 2nd homes) will be analysed together with biological and ecological data. An analysis of the main conflicts in the Risør coastal zone relevant to the policy issue has to be analyzed through a review of public documents and newspaper articles. This also has to be addressed through interviews and meetings with selected policy makers and stakeholders.




Tourism expenditure

Tourism – related business revenues

SSB (Statistics Norway)

Business profitability

Profits of tourism-related businesses

Profforvalt (commercial business data provider)

Tourist visiting area

Number of tourists of hotels


Tourist visiting area

Boat count

Risør municipality

2 nd homes

Number of 2nd homes

Risør municipality


Number and size of marinas

Risør municipality


Number and size of artificial beaches

Risør municipality

Commercial fishing

Commercial harvest Cod

Institute of Marine Research project

Commercial fishing

Commercial harvest cod value

Fishermen’s sale organisation

Tourist fishing

Tourist harvest cod

IMR-project data

Tourist fishing

Tourist harvest cod value

Commercial equivalent made with price-data from Fishermen’s sale organisation

Erlend Moksness,