Identify the modeling software and analytical methods to be used.

Subtask Description:
Identify the modeling software and analytical methods to be used.

Action points of the implementation:
Identify methods for:

Chalastra Bay, Thermaikos gulf, Greece.

Policy Issue:
Sustainable management of mussel farming activity.

Human Activities:
Mussel aquaculture, agriculture, urban and industrial activities, fisheries.

General Information:
About half of the national mussel harvest is produced in the area. The unique environmental conditions resulted in mussels with very high condition index achieved in a very short time and also in two reproduction and growth circles in the same year. During the last 10 years, mostly due to excessive cultivation techniques, an annual reduction of the mussel production is taking place, both in means of quality and quantity along with an elongation of the growing period. At the same time due to a number of institutional failures, there is an important legal gap creating institutional problems and obstructing the management of the activity, allowing black market, illegal employment, etc. The main stakeholder concerns are connected to the design and implementation of the legal framework and the optimization of the mussel production.

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Erlend Moksness,