Specify the outputs of the conceptual model’s ‘virtual system’.

Subtask Description:
Specify the outputs of the conceptual model’s ‘virtual system’.

Action points of the implementation:

Oder/Odra Estuary, Baltic Sea, Germany (& Poland).

Policy Issue:
Water quality and eutrophication.

Human Activities:
Tourism, agriculture, industrial and urban activities, fishing, shipping.

General Information:
The river loads are responsible for the poor water quality in the lagoon and its highly eutrophic state. Temporary anoxia, fish mortality, algae bloom and poor water transparency reflect the poor water quality state. There is a lot of existing information and previous management efforts for the area. At the moment, the German-Polish cross border integration and cooperation receives much more attention than a river basin-coast cooperation and management. The choice of the PI does not reflect the priority setting in the region itself, but political reasons that did not allow tackling of other issues.

Example of Implementation:

Gerald Schernewski, gerald.schernewski@io-warnemuende.de