Anticipate potential risks

Subtask Description:
Anticipate potential risks.

Action points of the implementation:

Mar Piccolo, Taranto, Italy.

Policy Issue:
Sustainable use of the Mar Piccolo resources in order to include mussel culture.

Human Activities:
Urban and industrial activity, mussel culture, urbanization, shipping, maritime transport.

General Information:
The area is a field of many conflicting activities but also has always been one of the most important mussels farming areas in the country. In particular, fishing, distribution, catering, tourism, transport, import and export are activities directly connected to aquaculture, bringing an economic improvement and therefore a greater social welfare. However externalities, such as social problems or illegal aquaculture plants that over-exploit the existing natural resources, are causing damage to the ecosystem. During the last years, data from the local market evidenced quantity and quality reduction of the harvested mussels. The major stakeholder concerns are connected to the sustainable development and welfare of the activity.

Example of Implementation:  

Table 1 : List of potential risks for Mar Piccolo in Taranto, Italy.


Potential risks

Work required to estimate level of hazard

Work required to estimate probability of occurrence


Pathogens causing the collapse of the resources contaminants causing the prohibition of mussel consumption


Literature analyses to identify the list of possible diseases


Analysis of previous mussel infections


Comparing available information on sediment contamination and literature information on mussel uptake


Analysis of available models (not in-house)

Decrease of primary production


Literature analysis to analyze data on primary production changes and mussel productivity


Analysis of available models (not in-house)

Invasive species causing the alteration of trophic chain


Literature analysis to identify similar cases in similar ecosystems


Analysis of available models (not in-house)

Decline in the quantity of the mussel production

Literature analysis

Analysis of stock dynamics

Socio – economic

Sale of not safe mussels


Literature on illness study


Analysis of related illness

Plants of aquaculture illegal


Analysis of regular and irregular plant in local area


Local unofficial stakeholder estimate


Carmela Caroppo,