Complete Interpretive Analyses

Subtask Description:
Complete Interpretive Analyses
Draft the conclusions of the Simulation Analysis.

Action points of the implementation:
Based on this documentation, you are now in a position to start drawing conclusions from the simulation analysis you have undertaken these will form the basis of the material to be provided to the stakeholder group in the outputs step, an could support publication of your results in scientific publications.

Result: A document which comprehensively describes the model.

Søndeledfjorden, Norway

Policy Issue:
Increase local economic benefits from tourism, while minimizing negative impacts on local coastal cod stock, and conflicts with local users of the fjord system

Human Activities:
Tourism (2 nd home and non local), Commercial fisheries, Aquaculture (potential)

General Information:
Touristic activities in the area encompass general recreation and tourism, development of cottages with access to sea, fishing tourism, environmental tourism and development of the local aquarium. This is translated into development of new beaches and harbours , examples of activities that can harm habitats, biodiversity, recruitment of marine organisms and annual yield in local fisheries. The characteristics of the recreational use of the coas tal zone area make the pressure highly seasonal. The main stakeholder concerns are connected to the impacts of the recreational fishing and of the touristic development in the state of the system.

Example of Implementation:

Description of the Model

Running the Model

Contact: Erlend Moksness