Run Scenario Simulations

Subtask Description:
Generate necessary input data for selected scenarios.

Action points of the implementation:
Selected scenarios to be applied to the model will require changes to the input data driving the model in keeping with those scenarios. Depending on the type of scenario this may be a simple as changing that input data by a given amount, or it may require the running of a third party model with changes to its input parameters so as to provide input data for the simulation model.

Result: data available in a suitable format to drive the simulation model under the selected scenarios.

Søndeledfjorden, Norway

Policy Issue:
Increase local economic benefits from tourism, while minimizing negative impacts on local coastal cod stock and conflicts with local users of the fjord system

Human Activities:
Tourism (2 nd home and non local), commercial fisheries, aquaculture (potential)

General Information:
Touristic activities in the area encompass general recreation and tourism, development of cottages with access to sea, fishing tourism, environmental tourism and development of the local aquarium. This is translated into development of new beaches and harbors, examples of activities that can harm habitats, biodiversity, recruitment of marine organisms and annual yield in local fisheries. The characteristics of the recreational use of the coas tal zone area make the pressure highly seasonal. The main stakeholder concerns are connected to the impacts of the recreational fishing and of the touristic development in the state of the system.

Example of Implementation:
A total of five scenarios were chosen to represent management options in the model:
1. Scenario 1: No birds and seals hunting or eel fishing (protecting 0- and 1 group cod)
2. Scenario 2: No cod fishing at all (protecting cod all through the year)
3. Scenario 3: No commercial cod fishing through the year
4. Scenario 4: Stock enhancement (production and release of 100.000 0- and 25.000 1-group cod)
5. Scenario 5: Five star service level on accommodation dedicated to fishing tourists and allow 2500 new 2 nd homes

These data issues regarding the scenarios should have been tackled during the formulation step.

Contact: Erlend Moksness